Everything starts with a good foundation

A good foundation has the advantage that the track requires less maintenance in the long run. This saves you costs.

01. Budget

We always take your budget into account, often different options are possible. It is also possible to have certain activities, such as digging, carried out by your own club people.

02. Substrate

The choice of a good foundation depends on the substrate. Padel Projects therefore always first looks at the intended location with you and provides advice based on that.

03. Determinants

The choice of a good foundation depends on a number of things. First of all, we look with you at the hardness of the substrate. Due to the steel cage construction and glass walls, a padel court carries a lot of weight. This can cause the track to sag if the surface is too soft. A good foundation can prevent this. Secondly, the water permeability of the subsoil is important. If this is insufficient, the padel court may be flooded. A water-permeable foundation offers a solution.

04. Fixed and level

Finally, the substrate should be firm and level. If not, it may affect the game. All this does not alter the fact that it does not start with the choice of the right location: with a good foundation, a foundation is not necessary and you can save costs. We are happy to help you with this. To provide the glass and steel construction with a stable foundation, we pour a reinforced foundation beam in concrete around the site. In this way we can absorb differences in level and we create a completely horizontal playing field on a stable surface.

Artificial grass









RAL colors

Official Padel net with tensioning system

Safety Glass

The safety glass used is for a standard 10mm cage. We use 12mm Tempered glass for Panoramic Padel Cages.


Conventional lighting is almost no longer used in new buildings. Nowadays we only work with LED.

The main advantages:

Low energy costs – Saving up to 50% by using LED lighting.

No warm-up required – Immediately available 

Low maintenance –  LED lighting requires little maintenance and lasts a long time (25 years versus 4 years compared to conventional lighting)